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Multicultural, Cross-Cultural and Intercultural

Our Editorial Team appreciates the differences and relationships between the commercial sector and the academic one, sharing experiences and diversity. The Journal contains articles written by the authors from academia and business world or from the administrative field. The acceptance for publication is based on an anonymous and impartial selection procedure and rigorous evaluation of articles by our reviewers. The Journal encourages high scientific research that contributes to widening the horizon of knowledge in the field of multicultural, cross-cultural and intercultural research.

  • Oxford dictionary definitions:
  • Multicultural - relating to or containing several cultural or ethnic groups within a society: multicultural education.
  • Cross-Cultural - relating to different cultures or comparison between them: cross-cultural understanding.
  • Intercultural - taking place between cultures, or derived from different cultures: intercultural communication.
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With articles on a wide range of topics like intercultural and inter-organizational innovation, elements of management theory, policies & human resources management, entrepreneurship & international business, anthropology, intercultural mixing performance, intercultural knowledge management, intercultural training methodology, the Cross-Cultural Management Journal is captivating to read.

  • Cross-cultural mixing performance
  • Cross-cultural knowledge management
  • Cross-cultural communication and relationship management
  • Cross-cultural aspects in interorganizational collaboration
  • Cross-cultural training methodology
  • Anthropology
  • Studies in theology, ethics and culture
  • Cross-cultural and interorganizational innovation
  • Diversity, values and norms of work: cultural foundations
  • Policies & human resources management, professional identity
  • Elements of management theory
  • Entrepreneurship and international business
  • Business and intercultural relations
  • Literary studies, Applied modern languages and Communication
  • Arts, Education & Humanities

Our recommendation

Perspectives on interculturality
Perspectives on interculturality - Book presentation

Being published in 2017 by the L'Harmattan Publishing House, Paris, under the coordination of Pierre Dupriez and Blandine Vanderlinden (MIME-ICHEC, Brussels), the book ”Au coeur de la dimension culturelle du management” manages to capture the main aspects of the cultural dimension of management, using a multicultural and multidisciplinary team.

The content of the book is structured in thirty chapters, organized in four parts, each reflecting new manners of theoretical and practical approach, revealed by an international collective of elite authors with intercultural experience.

The book's foreword is written by famous French researcher Philippe d'Iribarne, the author of numerous books and articles dealing with cultural diversity, and the afterword belongs to Pierre Calame, the author of several essays on the role and place of the state in contemporary society.


Associate Professor, Angelica-Nicoleta Neculăesei Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
Perspectives on interculturality
Perspectives on interculturality - Table of contents

FOREWORD Culture and Management - Philippe d'IRIBARNE

PRESENTATION Between culture and management - Pierre DUPRIEZ, Blandine VANDERLINDEN

PART ONE Culture and Management. Fundamentals and Methodology

PART TWO Culture and the Challenges of Management

PART THREE A World of Cultures

PART FOUR From Culture to Ethics

AFTERWORD Management, Culture and Society - Pierre CALAME



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