Volume XXI, Issue 2, Cross-Cultural Management Journal
Issue 2

This paper focuses on the potential of the plantbased production in Sumbanga, a region located in Banyumas, Indonesia. A lot of villagers in Sumbang are plant growers, making Sumbang a place with great potential for plant-based production. However, villagers do not take advantage of this reality and the study higlights the main problem encountered: villagers are not aware of the potential their rural area has. The research uses action research methodology, which combines doing research, taking action and making the necessary changes after profound critical reflection on the consequences of the envisaged measures. This paper examines the potential of the area and analyses the findings of the focus group discussions with several parties (rural authorities, rural public figures, managers of the village owned companies etc.) with a view to devising the action strategy for implementing the digital marketing policy. Following the introduction of the digital marketing strategies the research also focuses on the impact social media may have on the sales of rural products.

  • Type: Case Study
  • Published on: 18th October, 2018
  • Keywords: Digital Marketing; Rural Product; BUM Des
  • Pages: 89-94
  • Received: 30th September, 2018
  • Final revision and acceptance: 17th October, 2018